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The Grandmother of Intention

Following our Think Kit announcement, we’ve received a lot of questions about the mysterious Intention Engine™ that can turn messy circles and squares into something like this:

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Fluid Text Inputs

Last fall, FiftyThree introduced Mix, a new way for users to collaborate on sketches and ideas in Paper. Though it’s only been a few months since launch, the Mix feature set has grown by leaps and bounds. One of the most requested features was the ability to search for friends. Unsurprisingly, Mix users wanted to find and collaborate with people they already followed on Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook. Just before the new year we launched creator search in Paper and on Mix.

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The Precision Behind Blend

Last December we released Pencil, a natural stylus that activates three special features when connected with Paper: Erase, Palm Rejection, and Blend. With Pencil, we wanted to eliminate barriers between your ideas and your tools so that you can stay in the creative flow without distractions.

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Pencil: A Tool in the Making

At FiftyThree we are obsessed with tools: simple tools that empower their users to do their best work. Take the Hori-Hori for instance, a well-loved Japanese garden knife that combines simplicity with thoughtful functionality. Its curved, partially serrated blade emboldens the “Zen Gardener” to clear weeds, carve out planting holes, and split perennials all in one go. Tools like these earn their love out of sheer usefulness and often we ask ourselves how we can bring the same graceful utilitarianism to tomorrow’s electronic tools.

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Load Testing: An Unexpected Journey

At FiftyThree, we love to inspire. Currently we do this by featuring the great work that our community creates on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. But we wanted to bring inspiration even closer to the creative process, so we built a Made With Paper stream directly into Paper.

Meet FiftyThree at NYTM.

About two years ago, I remember attending NY Tech Meetup with Julian. We loved the energy and excitement, and it was a reflective moment for us. We had just arrived in New York and were getting started. We watched. Had a beer. And went back to coding. So much has changed since then.

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Engineering Zoom: The Finer Details.

In the previous post, A Closer Look at Zoom, we explored the design inspiration behind the loupe tool. We hope that after experiencing the design for the first time, you shared our delight in its combination of simplicity and utility. As a team, upon seeing what the loupe could be, we immediately knew that it had to be built.

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A Closer Look at Zoom.

From the moment Paper hit the App Store, zoom has been one of the top features requested by creators. While we wanted to implement the feature sooner, many of the off-the-shelf solutions didn’t feel right for Paper. We’d like to shed some light on why we chose to invest the time in developing a new type of zoom, and what was involved from both the technical and design end.


At FiftyThree, we build tools for makers. Our first product Paper is used and loved by makers worldwide.

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